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Day 4 part 2

Kevoka Photo, Antalya, Turkey

After Myra we went to Kokeva. We drove to a small village. Like almost everywhere in turkey, there were a number of small shops in this tiny village. We then took a boat to isle of Kokeva. Kokeva was an ancient city destroyed by an earthquake that caused it to sink into the sea. It is touted as an underwater city, but you couldn’t see much of the underwater part. What you saw was the remnants of the houses and building on the island (normally one wall that didn’t sink. It was very interesting and the boat trip was very relaxing.

After passing the island we went on to a coastline where you could go swimming. The water temperature was about 62 degrees F (17 degrees C) so only the most dedicated ventured in. After the swim there was RAKI for the brave souls who ventured in the water.

When we got back to the village, there was a mad dash by the women in the tour to the shops. There were some great bargains acquired even without bargaining (there wasn’t time). We then headed back to Antalya.

Another great trip and I recommend it.

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