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Day One

Sheraton Antalya Photo, Antalya, Turkey

The hotel is rated the best in Antalya and deserves it. The lobby is open to the top floor with four glass elevators going up and down. On the lobby level and the sub lobby level there are restaurants, bars, and shops. Our room had a King-size bed, was nonsmoking, and had an ocean view. The following morning we got to see just what that meant with a gorgeous view of the Taurus Mountains plunging into the ocean to the west. To the east we could see cliffs. It was April 29th, but there was still a lot of snow on several of the mountains.

Antalya is gorgeous. There are parks all over the city especially on the cliffs overlooking the bay. The mountains to the west seem to rise up out of the sea and the sun sets over these same mountains in the evening.

The maps we got at the concierge station said it was only a kilometer from the Hotel to the old city. Don’t believe it! It was much farther. We walked early in the morning and regretted it. Jaclyn was feeling ill after the walk, so we found a relative new Hamman where she got a massage. While she was getting the message, I explored the old city.

Walking to Hadrians Gate, I took Hisapci Sok toward Hiderlik Kuber (an old Roman tower believed to have been a lighthouse). There appeared to be a number of charming restaurants along this road and we ended up eating at two of them that day.

For lunch we ate at Cabanas. It was located immediately adjacent to Hiderlik Kuber (the Roman tower). It had outdoor seating on grass that overlooked the bay and the tower. It had to have the prettiest view in Antalya (and there are many pretty views). The food was wonderful but the wine left a lot to be desired (although halfway through the glass it tasted better). Five stars for this restaurant don’t miss it.

That evening we went to a charming courtyard restaurant at the Hotel Alp Pasa. The brochure on the hotel showed lovely rooms. The courtyard restaurant is built around a small swimming pool. The stonewalls are warm and authentic, with a niche with a large vase in two of the walls. What really gives the place its charm however, was the night lighting. As you enter, there is a candelabra that has red candles in it. The wax has built up over the period of months and hangs down for a warm interesting effect. Each table has a small candle and there are soft electric lights elsewhere. The total effect makes this a charming place to eat after dusk. The food again was wonderful and like Cabanas, the wine left a lot to be desired.

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