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Whirlpool or no? A thought before booking.

I liked the Cardiff Lodge enough to make reservations for our next stay before our first trip was over. This said, I have some musings over the whirlpool tubs at the Lodge to share.

Because I have a condition that requires daily physical therapy-type activities, I will always opt for a whirlpool tub when available. The standard-room whirlpool tubs at Cardiff Lodge are large enough for one person to soak luxuriously, and large enough for two slender people to soak simultaneously if they are blessed with good humor and excellent communication. (The Sweetheart room has a true two-person tub that I did not see.) The jets, I must report, did not impress me. The tub was great; the jets were of negligible worth. Consequently, for our next stay I booked a less expensive room with a similarly sized soaking tub without jets. When I need whooshing water, I will go upstairs to the gorgeous rooftop and powerful jacuzzi. It is open until 10 p.m. so I will have to watch the clock at bit but I personally will not pay a premium for in-room whirlpool tub there again. Since only four of the seventeen rooms have a whirlpool tub, I suspect that the proprietors figured some patrons would think as I do. I don't think much gets by them.

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