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Disabled Access--The Lowdown on the Jabberwock

We stayed at the Jabberwock Inn, which is four blocks from the ocean. The Jabberwock, being a small bed and breakfast, is not required to meet ADA standards and makes plain on its website that they are not handicapped accessible. After a talk with the proprietor, however, I elected to stay in the Toves room which is on the ground floor of the inn. If you must ration the number of steps you take each day, you must arrange to be dropped off in front of the inn on Laine street--easily done, I assure you; it's not a busy street. Do not expect to be able walk up the driveway.

In order to get onto the front porch you must be able to mount two steps and cross a slightly raised threshold. The front door requires two hands (not necessarily on the same person, though). Once in the inn, there are no more stairs to get to the Toves but the dressing area is two steps down from the sleeping area....and the sleeping area is then two steps UP, of course. The gardens at the Jabberwock are lovely and filled with brick steps. However, if you have power wheels, or a hardy travelling companion, you can wheel from the parking area to the gardens and enjoy them just fine.

Just to test myself, the Jabberwock driveway, and my scooter, I rode both up and down while my husband looked on. He was a bit nervous--it does LOOK steep. Heck, it IS steep, but if you've ever been forced to wheel around a parking garage looking for elevator access, you've already done worse.

My scooter took the slope no problem going up, slow, straight and steady got me to the top with no "iffy" or "ohhh" moment. The way down was even easier, to my amazement. Please bear in mind that I am 33 years old with average reflexes. So, there it is. If you can walk a little, or have personal assistants to carry you about, you will have an excellent time at the Jabberwock. If you require ADA compliant accessibility, the Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa has some rooms within the same price point. Go to their site if that sounds like a better match.

I have yet to find an accessible B&B in the Monterey/Carmel area--most of the inns are remodeled homes from the turn of the century...generally not intended for wheels.

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