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Fajardo Photo, Puerto Rico, Caribbean

We decided to catch a ferry in the morning, so we left Isla Verde really early and took a cab to Fajardo. When we got to the port, there was a LONG line. We looked for the ticket booth and realized that this long line was for the ferry to Culebra. I had no idea that there would be this many people wanting to go to Culebra. On the ferry back, I found out from a guy who I was talking to that that whole week was a religious holiday in PR (kind of like spring break in the U.S.). The tickets were sold out, and we had to wait for the next ferry (2pm)- we had to wait in line for 5 hours because people kept coming.

After the long, tedious wait (and taking turns to get food, go to the toilet, etc.), they finally opened the ticket booth, and we got our tickets. Soon enough, we were on the ferry to Culebra.

When we got there, we took a publico-type transportation--we paid about two dollars each and shared a van with other people. We got to our hotel (or inn, I should say) and went straight to Flamenco Beach. It was already past 4pm, so the beach didn't look as great as it probably is. But still, it looked good, and we bummed around.

After dinner, we called a cab, but they said they would take at least 20 minutes. Then we saw a police car, and I suggested we ask them how to get a cab and maybe they'd offer to give us a ride. And these really nice and friendly policemen actually did give us a ride back!

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