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Water taxi Photo, Puerto Rico, Caribbean

Culebrita is a little island about 30 minutes away from Culebra. Turtles come here to lay eggs during the summer, so visitors aren't allowed there during that time. There are absolutely no residents on this island because it is a reserve. You can walk from one end to the other (it's that small). On our way there, we saw a dolphin and two turtles.

We took Luis' water taxi (he works at the Culebra Ocean View), and he dropped us and two couples off at the island at 10am and said he'd be back by 4pm. We had no idea where to go, so we just walked along the trail. We got to a beach with really rough waves, and since we expected much more, we decided to walk on and find the pretty beach. After walking for about 10 minutes, we finally got to a beautiful beach with white, soft sand and clear, calm water.

We put our stuff under a palm tree and decided to go snorkelling. Unfortunately, all we saw was seaweed and a few fish. There were no corals. We gave up after a while and decided to explore the island instead.

There were pelicans diving into the water (to catch fish I guess)and we wanted to go snorkelling there, but there was sh*t everywhere, so we decided not to.

We walked along the coast and found pools of water, and there were fish there.

We all got sunburnt from staying out in the sun for too long, so by the time Luis came to pick us up, we were all sitting in the shade, putting on aloe vera.

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