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Manta Ballet

Manta Ballet Photo, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

You may wonder what "Manta Ballet" is... If you're staying at Hotel Bora Bora, you'll get to witness this beautiful show. Well, it's not exactly a show, it's nature taking it's course; but nevertheless it's beautiful, and it looks like a performance. Practically every night(I think it's during June-October),if you go to the dock at Hotel Bora Bora, you will be able to see Manta Rays feeding on plankton. They have spotlights there and there are lots of plankton because they're attracted to the light. And the Manta Rays are attracted to the their meal-planktons. They don't seem afraid of the humans, or maybe they just don't even notice us because there's a great feast before their eyes. I saw about 2-3 rays each night and I was amazed by the beautiful sight. They were so magical; gracefully glowing and swimming in the water, turning round and round with their mouth opened, engulfing the planktons. There were other fish around as well, but it wasn't quite ballet. There were pretty big fish literally skidding across the surface of the water, chasing little fish. This was probably one of the highlghts of my stay at Hotel Bora Bora.

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