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Here are some of the restaurants we tried out in San Ignacio, along with the meal prices:

Pop’s was our favorite choice for breakfast. We ate there more than once, and each time Dan had sausage, beans, waffles for US$2.50. I had fry jacks and sausage for US$1.50, plus good coffee, which in Belize means it isn’t instant. The lease expensive choices were off the A La Carte menu.

Hanna’s had excellent Indian food. Dan had beef curry with potatoes, which were nicely seasoned, plus veggies for US$6. I had spicy eggplant with potatoes and a really good side salad for same price. The atmosphere was nice, and the service was pleasant.

Hodes Place was just a tad out of the main part of town, maybe a five minute walk. We tried it because we saw and smelled smoke coming from an industrial-sized grill, plus we couldn’t find anything else really open in town as it was Sunday. On weekends, Hodes has BBQ Chicken plates (chicken, tortilla, potato salad, and baked beans) for US$2.50 –yummy! There were plenty of locals, and the outside seating areas looks upon a large orange tree orchard.

We tried one breakfast and one dinner at Café Sol. The breakfast was good, healthy food, but a tad more expensive than Pops. We fortified ourselves with a granola and yogurt combination, a fruit and yogurt combination, a muffin, and 2 coffees for US$9 for all. Dinner was not as good or filling. Dan had a Mexican Wraps for US$3.50 that he said was OK. I had vegetarian chili with jalepeno corn muffins for US$4.50 which also could be classified as just OK.

Meli’s Rest was definitely the place for Belizean food, and lots of it for a great price and friendly service. I had beans, chicken, water, fry jacks, and Dan had same plus eggs and OJ for US$5 for all. We only saw local folks eating here – no tourists.

We had dinner twice at Martha’s. The first night, Dan had stew chicken for US$5 and I had this onion "soup" called Escabeche (with rice and tortillas) for the same price. The Escabeche had a very powerful flavor. It was mostly all onion, but also with chicken, chile, cilantro, and cloves. I could not finish it – it tasted good, it was just very very strong. A different night we had an excellent Hot and Spicy pizza. The price was US$13.50, and it was enough for two people.

Serendib was a Sri Lanken restaurant. We both had delicious curries - veggie (US$4) and fish (US$6). I recommend requesting for it to be made hot and spicy!) The curries came with rice, potatoes, and cucumber/tomato salad. The flan for dessert was perfection (US$1.25). I tried to come back the next night for more flan, but they had run out! I was very sad about it. This was by far the best service we got at any restaurant in Belize. I do not recommend the ice cream shop that is directly next door to Serendib, though.

On the main market day, Saturday, there are plenty of food vendors set up in and around the fruit and vegetable stands. There is so much food, you should definitely go when you are hungry and try a bit of everything! We had some great BBQ chicken plates for super cheap (can’t remember price) and it was extremely moist and tasty.

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