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There's suckers (with money) on every bus!!!

Road up to Machu Picchu Photo, Machu Picchu, Peru

At the end of a long day walking over the ruins when you finally subside onto that seat on the bus you are elated and satisfied and feeling so good about the day.

As the bus winds it way back down on the mountain, doubling back on itself but dropping a little lower each time. A teenage boy greets you at the turn and yells out "goodbye", everyone yells back, then the next turn lo and behold there he is again, "goodbye". It gradually dawns on every one that this boy is running down the more direct walking trail and greeting the bus on every turn. Of course, down near the bottom the bus stops and the boy in his "native" tunic & matching money bag hops on and you guessed it starts the rounds for tips. Everyone feeling all warm and fuzzy throws in loads of soles! And if the truth be known theres probably more soles in the bag than most of the local people earn in a days wages.

Call me cynical but I just think that it was really quite crass and quite obvious that the bus company was picking up the extra loot and probably paying the boy a pittance for his fleecing.

But if it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling throw him your soles!

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