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Cooking a la Hostel

Well I know this is a travel journal but I just had to place a receipe which I picked up when I was staying at the hostel. I decided to venture into the kitchen and cook a lovely feast, sorry guys I didnt mean to make a mess....

So here goes....

English lasses couscous!

One Aubergine (Eggplant)chopped into small chunks
One Red onion chopped
One red Pepper (deseeded)
handful of chopped mushrooms
Courgette (zuchinni) grated into fine strips
A clove of garlic crushed
dash of Tasbasco sauce
Balsamic vinegar to taste
250g of Couscous
250ml (sorry dont know in American) of boiling water
Vegetable oil/Olive Oil


1)Place a few drops of oil and the boiling water into a saucepan and heat. Add Couscous and give quick stir. Remove from heat, add strips of courgette and cover.
2) Heat some oil in another saucepan, and fry garlic, onion and aubergine together. Once soft add red pepper, and mushrooms. Continue to cook until all vegetables are soft. Then add dash of Tabasco, fresh lemon juice and Balsamic vinegar to taste. I cant gie exact amounts as it is purely up to your tastebuds. By this point the couscous should be cooked.
3) Fork through the couscous and then add to vegetable mixture. Stir together and add more Balsamic vinegar/Lemon to suit. Add to a warm dish and enjoy!

I am no Jamie Oliver but hey give the receipe a go, you might like it!

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