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The Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces

Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces Photo, Yangshuo, China

A very worthwhile trip from Yangshuo is the Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces. These are easily reached by a long daytrip, best organized via one of the numerous travel agencies on West Street. The drive takes about two and a half hours in a fairly comfortable mini bus, but is very much worth it for some of the most spectacular views of rice terraces you are ever likely to see. If you have the time though, I felt it would have been best to spend at least a night there so as not to have to rush, although the trip does give you enough time for a walk around the terraces and to be pestered by the locals who want to show you their hair (this isn’t as strange as it sounds!). The village of Ping’an where you end up is right on the terraces, and seems to be going though a bit a construction boom to accommodate the ever increasing tourist numbers, but at the moment it’s not too busy and the construction blends in nicely. From the village there are a couple of easy walks along the terraces to do, which offer stunning views. If you are staying longer from what I understand there’s plenty of other walks to keep you occupied. Apart from the terraces the local ethnic group called the Yao are interesting, and you’re sure to meet them as they attempt to sell you their trinkets. This trip is defiantly worth it to see another side of China, especially in such a stunning location.

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