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Moon Hill

Moon Hill Photo, Yangshuo, China

Moon Hill a short cycle ride from Yangshuo makes for a pleasant ride. The hill itself has a hole in it that look like a moon, thus its name (you will come to notice in China that the Chinese love naming pieces of the landscape after objects or even obscure scenes, for example a rock could be called ‘a lion eating a ram’ or something like that).

The hill isn’t really that impressive itself, but the steep climb to the top offers some great views of the surrounding area. Be aware though of the hawkers that will try and sell you drinks, great if you’re thirsty but they can be very persistent, and don’t think climbing to the top will stop them! Much to my surprise after an exhausting climb I turned around to see the same women I tried to escape at the bottom offering me a Coke, which at this point was much appreciated.

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