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A taste to be experienced

Wineries throughout the valley are abundant and vary in size, attractions and production. Red and white varietals from Germany, France and California are popular among vinters. Tours of the wineries can be taken, or you can explore yourself. The Tourist Office or your hotel can help with details and arrangements. One of the most sought after wines by visitors is the famed icewine. Icewine is dependent on constant cold temperatures (-10C) for harvest. This sweet desert wine is expensive but well worth the investment. My favorite wineries are Summerhill Estate Winery and St. Hubertus. Summerhill is an all in one destination to Canadian culture. The winery is known for its organic wines that are aged in a pyramid. Also on site are a Kikuli (a tradition native dirt house) and a pioneer log house belonging to one of Kelowna's first settlers. The tours are free and informative into the wine making process. The onsite bistro is also a recommended visit for paring the delicious wines with food. St. Hubertus (just down the road from Summerhill) is another organic winery. The winery is much smaller than Summerhill and has a quaint and peaceful atmosphere. This is also the best place to get good quality icewine for cheap. Icewine here starts at $33 a bottle (compare with $70-$100+ at other wineries). I recommend trying the icewine on site served in a chocolate cup. The whole experience is delightful for all senses. Mission Hill winery is a popular stop for tourists, but I personally do not think that it is worth the enterance fee. The view from the winery is amazing but the tour and wine lack the substance and flair that Summerhill and St. Hubertus have. Drive along one of the many orchard roads in Kelowna and you are bound to discover one of the many small, family run wineries. Each had their own unique flair and personality. Maps are avaliable at the Wine Museum (located in the wine museum) and at the Tourist Office.

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