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Hemingway's Final Residence

I devoted a lot of time to trying to find the final residence of Hemingway, yet was unable to find it. After his death, his wife, Mary Hemingway, donated the residence to Nature Conservancy. However, the home is not opened to the public. I found directions that stated that the house could be seen from the main road. If driving north, right before Saddle Road, the house could be seen to the left. I couldn't see anything. If you want to see a photo of the house, go to this website:

I have also heard that the home is open one day a year to the public on Hemingway's birthday, July 21. However, I was too late to attend and take up this opportunity. I did not try contacting the Nature Conservancy directly, however. Maybe they would be willing to set up a tour individually. Their phone number is: (208) 726-3007

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