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Dying Lion Monument

Famous Monument Photo, Lucerne, Switzerland

No trip to Luzern is complete until you've visited the Dying Lion. Most people, when they think of Luzern, think of the Chapel Bridge and the Dying Lion monument. Even if you've only stopped in Luzern for a quick afternoon vist, you can easily walk from the rail station to the Dying Lion in 15 minutes or so. Just cross the river, walk past the Palace Hotel, and look for the Lowenplatz (Lion Place) signs.

You'll find the monument in a small, park-like area, above a small pond framed by trees. It's a great location for a picnic lunch. I've visited the Lion in spring and fall, and each season has its own particular charms. I particularly enjoyed it in fall when the fallen leaves, dying flowers, and subtle fall colors seem the perfect backdrop for such a sad sculpture.

This monument is one of the most visited sights in Switzerland. Until you see the Lion, it's easy to wonder what all the hoopla is. Once you visit, though, you'll understand. Mark Twain called this sculpture, "the saddest and most moving piece of rock in the world." You'll actually feel the incredible sadness portrayed on the Lion's face and empathize with his pain. Look closely to see the broken arrow still embedded in his side.

This compelling sculpture was carved into the rock face to honor the Swiss mercenaries that died at the Tuileries during the French Revolution in 1792. As a Switzerland classic, it shouldn't be missed.

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