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The Minnewater -a place of trees & tranquillity Photo, Bruges, Belgium

Since one of the most frustrating tendencies of the human mind is to forget data like the exact location of a surprisingly good restaurant or an odd sight that just seemed for the moment to capture the essence of a place one is a traveller in,I have resolved to pack a small(everything weighs at the check-in,especially for intra-European flights),but practical Journal book so I don't stutter when I start to write about my travel experiences.

This is the procedure I most wish I'd followed on our European trip. Bruges was the most satisfying place I visited on my last European trip because people were so hospitable,the food was excitingly different,and the whole atmosphere was an historical reminder that other beings have passed their human lives before us.

And,I will never forget the man who gave us a lift to the Lokkedize when he saw the three of us struggling with our luggage in the pouring rain,lost,because we were on Vuilderstraat, in the northeast section of Bruges, when the Lokkedize is on Korte Vuilderstraat,in the southwestern section. On the way with our rescuer, we learned he used to frequent Lokkedize when he was a bachelor and he'd picked up his excellent English while working in Saudi-Arabian oil fields.In weary haste on our arrival at the Lokkedize, we never learned his name, but I'll never forget his kindness-that you don't need a journal for.

No wonder I'd love to visit Bruges again. Thank goodness, my husband kept the card for Sint-Amanskelder restaurant or I'd have forever nagged myself about forgetting its name & location! Above all, I regretted not noting the location of Mr. Socotti's stall as our experience with him was so satisfying, but I had luck when I found a fellow IGOUGO guide's photo of the restaurant right next to his spot. Then to my rescue, came our host, Erik Broos, who supplied me with the Sandpiper's address.

Next time, independent of luck, the good nature of others, and detective work,written nudges to memory, facts such as travelguide writers need to command, all written down soon after the fact, on location, will eliminate much frustration.

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