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Mandalay Bay Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada

I can't claim to be an expert on every possible deal and discount in Las Vegas, nor can I claim to know everything there is to do... there are just way too many of both. But I can share those things that I have learned through my own personal experience traveling to Las Vegas.

Some general tips:

> For great guides to just about every hotel in town, visit - informative, funny, and they tell you what free swag you can steal from the bathrooms of various hotels.

> There are many coupon books available on the Internet with 2-for-1 deals and other offers. The one offered by the Las Vegas Advisor ( is not free but is excellent, and I used many coupons from there. There are dozens of other offers and coupons on their site that you can get for free. You can also use a search engine to find coupon books.

> There are also coupons that can be printed directly from your computer. Visit, or use a search engine.

> You can get around the Strip without a car, but you will find yourself walking a lot and probably miss some of the off-strip attractions. Rental cars are inexpensive, and there are no fees to park in the major casino parking garages. Traffic on the Strip is always bad, so be ready for it.

> Plan ahead! Tickets to the major shows often sell out, but if you buy them in advance you can get good seats - we sat front row center for the Blue Man Group at Luxor simply by getting tickets a few weeks in advance. There are no scalpers there, so don't expect to be able to get in to a sold-out show at the last minute. I would also recommend making your dinner reservations in advance, especially for the popular gourmet restaurants like Emeril's.

> Check websites like Travelocity and Expedia for decent deals on airfare and hotels, and don't forget to check on package deals that often include extras like spa passes. If you want to stay at one of the fancy hotels on the Strip, check out their websites as well, and if they have a club or mailing list, join it to get special offers on rooms or packages.

> Las Vegas has become a mecca of culinary delights from all corners of the world. If you want to eat at one of the many excellent gourmet restaurants in Las Vegas (and you should!), you might want to try lunch instead of dinner. The food is still just as outstanding, but the prices are lower and the crowds are smaller. Be aware that some restaurants are only open for dinner, however.

> If you have a choice, visit during the week instead of on the weekend. Again, prices are lower and crowds are smaller, but check in advance to make sure the shows and restaurants you plan on attending are open, and most have some "dark" days during the week.

> Of course, gambling put Las Vegas on the map. If you gamble, remember that the slot machines and the "big wheel" are the worst bets in general. And keep this in mind: the average player in Las Vegas loses about $100 per day - they have to pay for all those free shows somehow!

> There is plenty to do in Vegas, even if you don't gamble; give yourself enough time to enjoy it!

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