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Why Haiti?

Northwest Haiti Christian Mission in St. Louis provides a wealth of options for serving the local population. It boasts the only free clinic on the north side of the island, which is always in need of volunteers. I spent two weeks working there, and despite my total lack of medical experience I knew I was still useful. They house a pharmacy and a newly opened birthing clinic for local mothers. They run a mother-education program to teach women how to care for their babies, as well as programs to feed up to 1000 children a day. There's an orphanage and a school, and many more programs co-sponsored by Northwest's sister church.

I've taken three separate trips to Haiti, and a part of my heart will forever remain there. When little children run up to you with no desire other than to sit in your lap and play with your hair, you find a new perspective on your own life. Haiti will never be a luxury vacation destination - don't plan on relaxing. But if you want a trip that will changes lives, both others and your own, there's no better place than this tiny Caribbean nation.

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