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Time Sharing Property Tours

I would definitely recommend you take advantage of all the people offering you free gifts to spend one hour of your time viewing their property for a possible purchase of Time Sharing.

We did two of these and had no intentions of purchasing anything. They knew this but the gifts they offer are the incentive to get you to come to the property. If you buy, great, if not, you get the free gift for your time.

The first time share we did was for one of the Divi Phoenix, a new property in Palm Beach. It was very nice but I had no intention of making a purchase. We did the tour and for our trouble, we were given a $100 certificate for use with De Palm Tours. We used the certificate for a 5 hour snorkeling/Scuba cruise with lunch and open bar. The trip cost $48 per person but cost me and my honey only 90 minutes of our time. They even pay for the cab to and from their property. It costs you nothing but time, and you save $$$.

The second time sharing we did was for the La Cabana property. Again we made no purchase and were given tickets to the Tattoo Party cruise for FREE. The usual price is $49 per person and we had dinner, drinks and a great time for FREE.

So I definitely recommend doing the time sharing tours if you can afford the time. It will save you a ton of money and the gifts are well worth it.

My only suggestion is that before you go on the tour, make sure you have your gift idea already in mind because different time sharings offer different selections of gifts. Some offer $100 jewelry store credit, dinner for two at an upscale restaurant, $100 casino credit, etc.

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