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Navarre Beach, FL - Housing

There is only one hotel at Navarre Beach, a Holiday Inn (see entry). All other housing is condo or beach house.

On Navarre Beach, the higher the street number, the closer to the bridge you are. Lower numbers (Under 7300) are quite close to the Gulf Island National Seashore (GINS). Near the bridge connecting Navarre and Navarre Beach (50 cent toll) are the new high-rise condos, equipment rentals and a few restaurants. Farther west from the bridge there are more free-standing beach houses and 3-4 story condos. There is the occasional empty lot, even a few on the gulf. About 3.5 miles from the bridge you enter the GINS, which has no houses/hotels and few public beach access points. This runs for about 15 miles east until you hit Pensacola Beach. The GINS picks up again west of Pensacola Beach and runs to the end of Santa Rosa Island at Fort Pickens (see entries).

My Florida Brother mentioned that the local fire department did not have ladder truck to reach the top of the new high-rises, so helicopters would be used to take people off the top in an emergency. Something to keep in mind…

East of the bridge is not developed, but my Florida Brother reports there is a nude beach. We could not see it from the road and didn’t go looking for it. I believe there is a web site for it.

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