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Tip ; stay in luxury 4* hotels for budget prices

Usually I really can`t afford to stay in luxury***** hotels. I`m more of a hostel or B&B kind of type. However, I`m lucky to know a few ways thru which I can get luxury accommodation in the Benelux for a budget-price.
One way is by using coupons that apear twice a year in special addition of a Belgian/Dutch women`s magazine called: Flair. I don`t know the exact dates on which these special editions come out, but I usually keep track by checking out the newsstands once in a while. I do know that that the winter edition is somewhere in october and the summer edition just came out last week (1st week of June).
So, actually this tip is only useful if you happen to be Dutch or Belgian, sorry for that.

The 2nd tip is somewhat similar as it refers to a Dutch website: Bookit On this site you can find many hotels and vacation parks in the Benelux and some other places in Europe such as Germany and Italy. If you can read Dutch this site is very interesting. Bookit offers packages of 2 nights in luxury hotels, for 2 persons, including breakfast. Prices start at about NLG 190,- (US$ 75)for a package like this in for instance Oostende, Belgium. The restrictions are that you can only book a minimum of 2 nights and for 2 persons per room. So single nights or rooms are not possible. Canceling is only possibble when you have a special insurance and only in cases of real emergency. It is because of these restrictions that Bookit can offer such great deals.
If you don`t understand Dutch it might be a good idea to ask friends or relatives in the Netherlands or Belgium to make the booking in your name. You can then pay yourself because you don`t have to pay upfront, it can wait until your arrival in the hotel!

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