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The Locals Photo, Petra, Jordan

Petra has become an extremely popular tourist spot, rivalling the Pyramids in Egypt with annual visitors. On a typical blazingly hot summer day, thousands of people will tromp through The Siq and into the heart of Petra.

But before they do that, they'll fork over $20JD (about $25US) for a day pass to get in!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's $25 a day. You can buy 2 or 3 day passes at a discount, but no matter how you look at it, you're forking over $25 to visit Petra. Expensive for a park entry fee, no?

Plus, the hotel rates in Wadi Mousa will be inflated IF you get a hotel room at all.

If you simply must visit Petra during high season (March-October), try to visit during the week.

Ideally, though, arrange your visit in the dead of winter. Say, the first few weeks of January.

There's a reason people don't visit during this time.

It's COLD!

And it's RAINY!

But you will be treated to a near-deserted Petra under weather that actually heightens the dramatic effect of the city. Moody, damp weather brings out the brilliant color in the rocks, and nothing beats clambering your way up to a High Place of Sacrifice, and standing at the top of a mountain gazine down over the valley of Petra with the wind gusting droplets of moisture in your face! It is exhilerating in a most extreme way.

That's the real treat of visiting in the winter, but an added benefit is that EVERYTHING is half price! Park admission, hotels, restaurants...

So, come in the winter, bring a jacket, a scarf, a hat, and some gloves. Chances are, you won't need them. Usually it's a utterly gorgeous 50 sunny degrees in the day.

But occasionally (as it did when we were there) you'll have a day of blustery dreary weather when you'll love that scarf. It even snowed on us the last night we were there! It rarely rains for a week here, so if you take a nice 3 day trip to Petra (I wouldn't do it in less), you'll have at least one day of glorious weather.

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