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Trafalgar Falls Photo, Dominica, Caribbean

Dominica is a tiny island, but receives over 300 inches of rainfall a YEAR, and has over 300 rivers. Add that to 4 mountains over 4,000 feet above sea level, and you've got WATERFALLS!

Thousands of them...literally. And the island's terrain is so rugged, that (believe it or not) new waterfalls are being discovered all the time as intrepid (and well-equipped) explorers venture up remote and unexplored valleys.

Luckily, there are four major waterfalls on Dominica that you can visit easily.

Trafalgar is the most famous and easily accessible of Dominica's large falls. It consists of two seperate waterfalls (called Father and Mother) that are separated by a rocky spire that seeps hot water. It is located in the valley behind the village of Trafalgar, a cheap cab or bus ride (10 minutes) from Roseau.

Middleham is the highest waterfall on Dominica, at 196 feet. The hike is only about 4 miles roundtrip, but it's a thigh-buster, and many guide services take people on this hike to determine if they think hikers can handle the Boiling Lake Trek. Don't let that scare you, if you're in moderate shape, you can handle this trail. It starts on the road to Laudat, and you'll have to pay park admission ($10EC or $3.70US) to hike the trail. Any cab driver can take you to the trailhead, or catch the Laudat bus and have the driver let you off at the trailhead, he'll know where it is.

Sari Sari is perhaps the island's most exotic falls. It is similar to Middleham in appearance (just a few feet shorter) but the hike requires that you scramble up root-choked boulders in the middle of a wild river canyon to reach it. The hike is not far (only 1/2 mile each way) but it takes time to boulder-hop carefully. The falls is located on the east side of the island in the valley above the village of La Plaine. Though there are buses to La Plaine, you cannot reach the village, do the hike, and catch a bus back. And there are no accomodations in this area. So you should either join a tour or hire a driver or cab to take you here.

Just a few miles by road from Sari Sari is the Victoria waterfall, the most dramatic falls on Dominica (by volume of water). The White River, which pours from the Boiling Lake, thunders over a cliff and into a warm pool below. The water, choked with minerals from deep within the earth, is a milky white color. The falls is located just up the valley from the village of Victoria, and the hike is very short but rocky. Victoria and Sari Sari are usually visited in one day, whether you hire a cab or join a tour.


These are just a few of the myriad waterfalls on Dominica. If you enjoy these and thirst for more, try Hidden Falls (hot water in the Valley of Desolation), Sacred Falls, Spanny Falls, Syndicate Falls, Crayfish Falls, and hundreds more.

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Dominica is truly paradise for waterfall lovers.

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