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Caño Negro Nature Reserve

Caño Negro Sunset Photo, Cano Negro, Costa Rica

A very different world is found here among the large lagoons and slow flowing rivers. This tropical wetland reserve is a popular stopping point for the many migrating birds from the North and the lagoons offer the ideal habitat for caiman, gar and many other fish. The wildlife is abundant and can give a visitor the best wetland experience found in our tropics with easy access for ecological tours and light tackle anglers.

For many years, Caño Negro was isolated and a near island in the middle of the water world and marshes that surrounded it. Getting there was only possible by boat and in the dry season, horses and oxcarts supplied some communication. Then a road was build and the area became available to tourists, radically changing the economy and encouraging new eco-hotels and guide operations. The Park Guards exercise a strict control on the use of the Reserve and have an information center to offer tourism assistance and receive the fees charged on a daily basis for visiting the area.

So why do the Tarpon come here? Well, I think for same reasons we do ... this is a place full of interesting hidden spots, mineral rich water with lots of good healthy food, friendship and an ambiance that can certainly be considered Nature's Spa.

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