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Jack London Square

I'd read in a few reviews here that Jack London square had a lot going on and was a great place to spend some time.

Okay, maybe it was just the day I was there (a Thursday night in February), but there was nothing going on and there were hardly any humans that weren't at work behind counters or waiting tables. The place was full of huge restaurants and tons of stores, all open for business, but barely a soul eating and truly no one shopping. How the stores are staying open if that is what an average week night looks like - I have no idea.

We spent a lot of time at the Barnes and Noble, which also would have been empty if not for a book signing, and ate moderately decent Mexican food at El Torito (happy hour prices were soooo inexpensive) where our table made up four of the sixteen people in the restaurant.

The best thing about Jack London Square would have to be the little cabin that Jack built - or that he lived in I suppose. It's just across from the saloon that he frequented and from whose owner he borrowed the money to attend college. His cabin was moved to the square and for some reason people have pitched coins into it - like it's a wishing well. Odd. Also the cabin is so very small, in our personal space needing times it's difficult to imagine living in a space the size of the average walk-in closet.

If you're still interested in seeing this place here's the website - do yourself a favor and go when there's an event, the place is way too creepy when it's empty.

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