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Debarking  Photo, Alaska, United States

Okay - this is just me speaking here, (on the other hand - this is my soapbox) I have no idea why I have to be subjected to photo taking while embarking, disembarking or otherwise. Yes, I realize this is a rhetorical statement but please, please make this optional without making me push over the poor person stuffed into the wet eagle suit. They can't possibly enjoy this any more than I - stop this! Or at least make it optional for those more tolerant or wind resistant. Provide a by-pass lane for weary, worn and wrinkled travelers who are not at their best.

I am not at my best after flying twelve hours cross country and standing in lines for a couple more. I am not happy - I am tired. My feathers are ruffled and I need time to nest. Given the opportunity I will be a much more receptive person in just a little while. I will perk up and smile and give you the photo-op that may be purchased instead of the one I cringe at and wonder when you will be kind enough to remove from public viewing.

At that point I am hostile and trying to be nice to people I know make their living off these photos but do they really think I am going to buy a portrait of my baring my fangs and prepared to bite? It sets a tone for all future encounters. This needs to be re-thought.

Just a little suggestion from a friend.

Oh - you really can scoot around the ops - unless you are 40 people backed up the rainy gangway trying to get to your tour on time. Then you just have to wait until the sopping eagle does it's thing.

For new cruisers: The ships all have photographers that make their living by taking pictures of the passengers as the embark and debark at ports, during formal nights and captain's cocktail parties and other shipboard events. Sometimes it's fun and many people really do taking home the pictures (yes, even I have a couple). The problem is that at times you are forced into a long line and have to submit to your photo before going on to what you planned whether it's dinner or a tour. The photos are displayed for a few days for all to view or purchase. The prices are reasonable if you want to pick up a memory.

My pet peeve.

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