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Oh It Feels So Good!

Oh my. Not my usual thing. I was urged, coerced, and gentled into going to the ship spa for a massage. I don't participate in this kind of thing- but ok.

Grudgingly I trudged to the beauty salon and announced I wanted to make an appointment.

I was told the best deal was to take advantage of "port days" because many people would be off ship and specials would be offered. Reprieved I trudged back and made an agreement that I would make an attempt to relax in this most uncomfortable mode at the next opportunity.

The time came. Best of the Spa Sampler. Keeping my agreement and less than enthusiastic I set an appointment after our hiking tour.

Oh my. Oh my. A Convert. I spent the next hour having a massage and facial. Soft music, wonderful balms, smells and hands that touched every place I've had a headache. Warm and cold and music as I drifted. We "fought" over muscles and she won. I think a scalp massage was thrown in to prove they could succeed in loosening those muscles. I know there was a sale involved at some point but I couldn't be reached.

I melted back to my cabin and fell asleep. Missed dinner. Who cares. $80.00 what a bargain. Mmmmmmmmmm.

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