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Drivng around Scottsdale, Arizona

We spent part of the day driving all around Scottsdale. From what I've heard, Scottsdale is the Beverly Hills of Phoenix. And I can see why. The city of Scottsdale is very pretty, I would LOVE to go shopping there (if I could afford it...!) Then we went driving around up in the hills. This is where all the rich people live. Worth driving up there A) just to see the gorgeous views and B) just to see those houses - or should I say mansions! We stopped and got a brochure for one house they were building and selling. It was something like $3 million. It had two bathrooms for the master bedroom - a his and hers! But the people who live up there have a beautiful view. They must be able to see for hundreds of miles into the desert and over looking Scottsdale and Phoenix. There were a lot of golf courses too. A strange sight to see bright green in the middle of all that brown!

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