Hua Hin Stories and Tips


Hua Hin is a microcosm of Bangkok for shopping. There are fake watches, beautiful silks, more handicrafts than you know what to do with, and more tailors than can possibly make a living.

Remember they do this every day and you MUST bargain hard - it is easy to pay more than 10 times the fair price, but it is also easy to get a good deal with some patience, a lot of smiles, and some cultural savvy. If you haven't been in a bargaining society before look and ask prices a LOT, before you ever make an offer (once you make an offer it is expected that you really mean it and will buy if a satisfactory price is reached - it is really bad form to bargain, get your price and then not buy).

If you are going to be in Bangkok - wait to make your purchases there - you can generally beat the best price in Hua Hin by at least 20% in Bangkok (this does not apply to fixed price items like books).

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