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Snagov Monastery

Journey to Snagov Photo, Bucharest, Romania

One of the most memorable moments of this trip was our arrival at Snagov Monastery. The morning began with an eerie fog, which only intensified as we approached the area around Snagov. Our guide told us it was because there were several lakes in the surrounding area. In small groups of four or five, we climbed into tiny wooden rowboats to be ferried across the lake. You could not see more than a few feet in front of you! Only when you approached the dock on the other side of the lake could you see the buildings on the island. Dracula is supposedly buried below the dome. When the grave was opened in 1931, it held only horse bones. Our guide explained that "stragi" (the Romanian form of vampire) were trapped souls that were neither alive nor dead, and that they could not die and cross over until they sucked a soul from a living person. Having accomplished this, they would turn into a horse and die. It was at this point that they were allowed to enter into the afterworld. Could this explain the horse bones they found? A headless torso was also found; perhaps this was the unfortunate person who lost his soul?

Bring extra money with you. Even though our guide paid in advance to allow us access to the monastery and for the boats across and back, several of the rowers demanded $1 per person to take us back!

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