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Historic Sibiu

Historic Sibiu Photo, Bucharest, Romania

Sibiu was a beautiful city! The roofs of the building surrounding the square had windows that resembled cat eyes. They were used for ventilation to preserve wheat.

Sibiu is the only Gothic city in Europe that still has its original buildings. The cathedral was beautiful! In the crypt is the tomb of Mihnea Voda cel Rau (Prince Mihnea the Bad), the son of Vlad Tepes who ruled from 1507 to 1510 and was murdered on the square in front of the church. Our guide told us that Mary Shelly adapted the legend into her story Frankenstein. There was a family in Sibiu that had a child with a deformity, and they hid the child because of the shame it brought the family. Of course, the child got out and scared everyone, who thought it must be a curse to create such a monster.

Continuing our walk through the city center, we came to The Iron Bridge. It is also nicknamed the "Liar's Bridge" for tricky merchants who met to trade and young lovers who declared their "undying" love for each other on it.

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