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It's difficult to end without talking about the markets. The Sounbedioune (sp?) is an outdoor market where cultural and artistic goods are sold, by master artists and artisans. I purchased expertly made leather sandals and bags. I saw both European and native design wallets, purses, covers for albums and books and jewelry and keepsake boxes. In addition there are tailors and seamstresses nearby to make clothes from fabric selected at the market. There is a restaurant/bar at the market that looks out on the rocky, craggy coastline, a permanent kodak moment. Sandaga market is a huge market close to town and acts as a residential shopping market, where household goods, food and other living necessities are sold. It also has an assortment of tourist items, such as wood masks, bowls, figurines and statues, fabric, postcards and other stuff.

There's so much more to say, but just two more highlights: Club Kilamanjaro, a nightclub has a DJ playing fast paced west african dance music, with lots of people and dancers. The presidential palace is a gorgeous colonial built building with immaculate grounds. Women, take a picture with the guard in front of the presidential palace; they are all tall and cute.

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