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Clevelys on the Trolley

Being nosey, and not invited to attend the Star Trek Convention, we jumped on the trolley just so we could drive by the Norbreck Castle Hotel in the hopes we could see some of the Trekkers lolling on the hotel grounds. The trolley did take us directly in front of the hotel, and we did, in fact, see lots of people we assumed to be Trekkers lolling in the sandy grass. The time to go the distance between the Imperial Hotel (the trolley stop is exactly in front) and the Norbreck Castle Hotel (another stop directly in front) is 5 minutes. We didn't feel 5 minutes gave us value for our 1 pound fare, so we decided to ride to the end of the line. Instead, we got off at Clevelys, about 20 minutes away from Blackpool .. who knew it went to another town! The scenery was lovely and it was cool on the trolley. Nearly every one of the little beach houses along the route had great hydrangea bushes in their little yards with huge clusters of blooms in blue, pink or white. The little town was another typical English seaside town. All the shops on the High Street had their doors wide open to catch the breeze. It was interesting to see that the English "1 Pound Store" sold exactly the same things our US "Dollar Stores" sell. The return trip cost us another pound. We found out the hard way that if you go only 2 stops on the trolley, it costs 1 pound. If you go from one end of the trolley line to the other it costs 1 pound. We also found out you are not allowed to stay on the trolley for a "roundtrip. You have to have another pound to make the return trip.

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