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Telegraph Avenue

Amoeba Music Logo Photo, Berkeley, California

Chuck wanted to show me Telegraph Avenue which hugs the University of Cal. at Berkeley. It was on the opposite side of town, so we drove in that direction and somehow managed to go around the campus stadium, and some of the student housing and lots of Greek fraternities. As we approached the area, in the midst of a plaza, was a Chinese man with placards all over his body protesting the killing of Chinese by the Japanese. He stood on top of his makeshift soap box and I'm not sure he was drawing much attention to his cause. Let's say that this may not have been the concern "du jour".

It is nearly impossible to park on or around Telegraph Street. You can understand why they have what they have there due to the proximity to the University. In addition to the funky shops and unusual eateries are street vendors who line both sides of the street and sell everything from jewelry to politically incorrect T-Shirts.

We went around the blocks more than 3 times during which time I spotted handmade jewelry, hand-crafted pottery, wind chimes, candles, books, artwork and rastafarian hats, as well as talented henna artists.

Amoeba Music was crowded, and has a sister store in San Francisco which is larger. Here you'll find two huge rooms full of music covering all genres, from jazz to hip-hop to Latin and techno.

The street was animated with activity, and after having gone around more than 3 times, we decided to head back to San Francisco. This is definitely a walking venue, and we will walk it on future visits.

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