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Wedding Ceremony in St. Peter’s

Chapel Alter Photo, Rome, Italy

Our wedding Ceremony was held inside St. Peter’s Basilica in the chapel of the choir. This is a small chapel located on the left side of the Basilica as you are walking in. The requirements for getting married inside of St. Peter’s are very strict. However, if you meet the requirements and have the patience to deal with getting all of the required documentation in order, it is not too difficult to have a wedding ceremony there. The biggest help and resource for us was Fr. Greg at Santa Susanna church in Rome. Their web site has contact information and all of the requirements for getting married in St. Peter’s.

The most difficult part about having the wedding at St. Peter’s was the timing involved. All of our paper work and documentation could not be submitted or even dated earlier than six months out. The problem with that being you could not set your wedding date until the paper work was submitted and approved which could take several weeks. So we were not able to set our wedding date till almost four months before the date. This made planning very difficult since we weren’t able to confirm any of our other plans including travel arrangements and receptions until we had the ceremony date confirmed.

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