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Lagunilla, mi barrio

The title of this free form is the name of a movie of this neighborhood. They call it the "brave neigh" due to their constant fights and at a point in history, it was a lost town within a city. It is famous for all the merchandise sold in the street, you sometimes wouldn't know its origin. If you have to come here, do so without any accesories such as watches, gold rings, chains or so, you will probably either "lose it" or you might tempt someone into robbing you. If you want to get off the tourist comfort zone or want to practice a little of your martial arts, this might be the place for you to come (beware of gangs though, otherwise avoid coming here. I don't think you would need any "fayuca" (merchandise either stolen or fake trademarks). But if you want to know aboout Mexican costumes or work for a commodities company which is having problems of pirate merchandise, then you shouldn't miss coming here. The food might be absolutely delicious but is made with the Moctezuma's revenge included. Don't come here if you don't need to. If you do need to come, call me and we'll make a good support team for you.

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