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Downtown Dakar Photo, Senegal, Africa

When driving, keep windows up and doors locked, at thieves sometimes assault car occupants at stopped lights or signs.

Do not wear flashy jewelry in public, as people will sometimes tear necklaces and the like off you. In addition, do not wear flimsy dresses, as thieves will sometimes tear open your dress to distract you while stealing your purse.

Do not walk alone at night, women should try to walk with a male companion. Women are harassed less by loacl men if accompanied by a male friend and not other women friends, although a crowd of women is better than 2 women.

Try not to carry a purse, instead carry a small satchel under your clothes.

If you hit a person with your car, do not stop, it's usually a scam and can attract loud and angry crowds.

Avoid all crowds, they can become angry and violent towards foreigners very quickly if an event takes place. Do not hit locals or get in a physical altercation with them, the crowd will side with the African and turn on you.

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