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I thought I could fill you in a little more about other things Victoria has to offer.

Victoria has 4 shopping malls, Tillicum, Mayfair, Eatons Center and Hillside. The Eatons Center is located in the heart of downtown. You can visit the other 3 by taking a bus-#21 or to Tillicum, a smaller mall, #30, #31 or #50 to Mayfair Mall or #4 to Hillside Mall.

The best place to use the Internet is at Cyberstation. They have a large amount of computers and the best rates. They are located in downtown Victoria at 1113 Blanshard Street.

Bus fare in Victoria is $1.75 for adults and $1.10 for children. Children under 5 ride free. The bus drivers will not provide change so make sure you have exact change.

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