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Egyptian Embassy Consular Services

Egyptian embassy consular services Photo, Aqaba, Jordan

For travellers heading on to Egypt from Jordan, it is very advisable to obtain visas from Aqaba instead of upon docking at Nuweiba, which is a very filthy and disorganised port of entry into Egypt. The new Egyptian Embassy is located within walking distance from Hahmammat Street, about 20 minutes north of the city by foot. The exact location is difficult to describe in words, but is clearly marked out on updated city maps and guidebooks.

In the morning between 9am and noon is the best time to be at the consular services, as I was told. My visa application was processed and approved immediately as there was nobody else at all on that morning. Tourism was at one of its lowest levels in years due to the regional conflict. The fee is JD12,000 and one passport photo is required. Note that if you are only going to spend time in the Sinai Peninsula, you do not need a visa to enter Egypt. But in any case, it’s worth the tiny effort to obtain a visa in case you change your mind – it’s in any case a wonderful souvenir! I was extra friendly to the immigration officer and he ended up giving me a cool visa with two beautiful Egyptian stamps on it. "Special for you only!" he said, with a proud glee on his face.

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