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Outside of London

My favorite parts of the trip were when we left London by coach and traveled to a few of the historical cities near by. Stratford-upon-Avon was a beautiful, historic, little town that is a must see for literature buffs. You can tour Shakespeare's house and actually see where he scratched on the window the names of some of his characters. It's very hard to see and the light has to hit it just right, though. But it's magical when you spot it. =)

When I was younger, I studied pagan religions, so I thought our stop to Stonehenge would be a very spiritual place for me. Actually, it didn't feel so much spiritual, rather just a tourist wonder. It is a great mystery and it would just be wrong to visit England and not Stonehenge. Something spiritual (for me, atleast) did happen there, but just because of dumb luck. Unannounced the Morris dancers played there and I could have watched them dance for the rest of the afternoon.

Oxford scared me. Maybe since I'm a student getting ready for college. The atmosphere was stiff, quiet, and not exactly the place you go to party. The cathedrals and colleges are definitely worth seeing. Very beautiful, and very interesting standing in buildings that are older then my own country.

Over all, I had a really good time in England and I won't forget the experiences I had there, but I won't be playing the part of a tourist anytime soon. But I felt like such an outsider walking around taking pictures, with a tour company's logo painted on my backpack. Next time I'll bring my own backpack, and do just the things I want to do.

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