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Beach Photo, Mazatlan, Mexico

The things we really enjoyed were: the swims in the very warm water, the boogie boarding till we couldn't even walk anymore (including the crashes when we tried to double up on a board), the sailboat ride, the games in the pool, the beer drinking contest(which Alice won), sitting next to the ocean being waited on hand and foot by the hotel staff (whom we got to know by name), buying souvenirs from the beach vendors (maracas with names and dates carved on them, a hammock, a necklace, and too many pairs of sunglasses), dining in the moonlight next to the ocean in the restaurant, the ride in the truck/cab back from El Shrimp Bucket when we yelled and waved at the passersby, swimming at midnight, getting kicked out of the pool, and sitting in our hotel room listening and watching the lightening storm. Ken also liked the 18 holes of golf at El Cid where mosquitos ate him alive, and driving the piece of crap Volkswagen Derby offroad that we paid too much for to rent for one day (~$80). Ken's caddy at El Cid was Jesus. Marce and Genaro were very nice at Costa De Oro. I don't think Mom liked getting trashed by the waves when she tried to boogie board, but she did like parasailing. Jason found the secret bathroom hidden in the waterfall at the pool. The retired marine and his wife (that he called the sleeping fox) were fun. The waiter at Tequila's sure seemed to appreciate the ~$20 tip we left after our second (&last) time there on the last night before we left........

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