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Arranging Activities

Livingston has limited services available since it is very isolated -- only reachable by boat. There are a few places that advertise tours to Las Siete Altares and La Playa Blanca for about $11 US. This price includes lunch (sandwich and a banana) and that's pretty much as luxurious as it gets. Also, the guides who take you to the destinations won't speak much English, so it's not like a tour where you learn all about the history and ecology of the area -- it's just a ride.

It will help if you speak fluent Spanish, because your hotel employees can point you in the right direction -- they may even know people that lead tours that don't advertise publicly.

If I had it to do over, I would try to find a local guide to take us on a hike to Las Siete Altares instead of taking a boat tour.

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