Sequoia National Park Stories and Tips

Some Major Attractions in Sequoia NP

The General Grant Tree Photo, Sequoia National Park, California

Giant Forest

Named by John Muir, the Giant Forest is the most famous attraction. In it, you can find the General Sherman Tree, which is named the largest living tree in the world. Believed to be around 2,100 years old, the Sherman Tree is over 102 feet in circumference at ground level!

Moro Rock

Also found in the Giant Forest area is Moro Rock, a large granite dome on which you can climb a foot trail to the top to get a wonderful view of the Great Western Divide.

Tharp’s Log

Named after the first non-native settler in the area that built a cabin out of a single fallen sequoia log. It is the oldest pioneer cabin in the park.

Crystal Cave

Of the more than 200 caves in the area, Crystal Cave is the one visited by tourists. The limestone that has metamorphosed into marble is said to be an awesome sight. NOTE: it can only be toured in the summer.

Mineral King

A glacial valley that is said to be a "hiker’s heaven" with 11 different trails. The constant sharp turns along the road that lead here make this about an hour and a half drive. NOTE: there are two campgrounds near Mineral King – no trailers permitted.

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