Sequoia National Park Stories and Tips

Getting to Sequoia and A Bit of History on the Park

To get to Sequoia NP:

from Fresno take Highway 180 East for approximately 70 miles
from Visalia take Highway 198 East for approximately 45 miles
from Bakersfield take Highway 65 North for approx. 59 miles to Highway 198 East for approx. 20 miles.
(NOTE: No access from the Eastern side of the Park)

A Bit of History:
Sequoia National Park is America’s second oldest national park, after Yellowstone, and was established in 1890. Together, with Kings Canyon –its adjoining national park- the land area set aside covers over 860,000 acres. Mount Whitney, at 14,494 feet, is the tallest mountain in the contiguous 48 states. It is found on the eastern border of Sequoia National Park and is not accessible by car.

Natives have inhabited these ancient forests since prehistoric times. Gabriel Moraga was the first European to venture into the area in 1806 and named the great river he found "El Rio de los Santos Reyes" : The River of the Holy Kings – which was later shortened to Kings River. It was not long before loggers had cut down a third of the magnificent trees! (Do we Caucasian people have to ruin everything!!)

John Muir was one of the leaders in saving this land, but efforts continuously failed. Finally, the people of a nearby town, Visalia, continued the battle which was won when President Benjamin Harrison signed the bill that established Sequoia National Park.

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