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Midwestern University

If shopping for a college and looking for a small town feel with big city opportunities, look no further than Midwestern University. Located in suburban Chicago, in Downer's Grove to be precise, you'll find a campus that specializes in health sciences and almost exclusively graduate programs. Founded in 1991, the University graduated it's first class in 1995 and has continued to grow and prosper ever since. The University's strong reputation is a result of a host of new modern facilities and having recruited a strong faculty. As you explore this campus, you'll notice that the architecture is modern, a result of being founded in the early 90's. If you're a student, you'll notice that the laboratory space is full of modern conveniences and state of the art technology, the teaching classrooms are as well. The gym/recreation center on campus has an indoor olympic size swimming pool and a nicely equipped weight room. Overall, you'll find a campus that is both appealing to the eye and friendly as well. As a student the only downside is cost, as Midwestern is a very pricey (~$30,000/year) school to attend. The faculty and staff that I have interacted with personally have been very amiable and you're likely to find that this is a University based on putting students first. If the academic reputation is not enough for you, the location in a beautiful surburban part of Chicago is certainly inviting. The surrounding community has much to offer in terms of restaurants and night life and the simple thought of knowing that downtown Chicago is less than 25 minutes away is a definite plus. The campus and surrounding area is full of wide open spaces and you're likely to feel like you're in a small town and as a result, you'll almost certainly feel right at home here. Anther interesting anecdote about Midwestern is that the campus is a haven for the breeding of Canadian geese. In the early spring months, you'll find geese all over the campus, much like you'd find pigeons on most other university campuses. All of these interesting and impressive facets make Midwestern a favorable school to attend or visit.

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