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Different islands/Different personalities: Mustique

Mustique Photo, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean

Mustique is the island of the rich and famous. Privately owned, it has been a second home to personalities such as Liberace, Princess Margaret, Raquel Welch, and Mick Jagger. There are only 80 homes on the island, and you may mistakenly think some of them are castles or elaborate hotels rather than private residences. A walk around the island reveals pristine little cottages as well. There are two hotels to choose from--The FireFly House (phone: 784-456-3414; e-mail:; web: and The Cotton House (phone: 784-456-4777; email:; web: They are both small, so you will be insured privacy at each. The Firefly has only four rooms and the Cotton House, twenty. Be prepared to pay a tidy sum!

The snorkeling here is superb. There is a reef on the southwest coast of the island where you will find a large variety of fish, including the harmless nurse sharks. At the entrance to Britannia Bay is Montezuma Shoal. The Wreck of the Jonas lies in 40 feet of water on the east side of the shoal. There is a dinghy mooring that you can tie up to when snorkeling, and the water is so clear, the wreck is clearly visible. Barracudas and nurse sharks can also be seen. If you wish to dive, you can contact Mustique Water Sports (VHF:68,16). They will pick you up at your boat.

If you want to stay drier, a horseback ride will provide you with a nice island tour. These are usually provided in the early morning (8 or 9 A.M.) or the later afternoon (3 or 4 P.M.). You can arrange for a ride with the Mustique Company at Brittania Bay or by calling the Cotton House. Or simply take a walk to the famous and beautiful Macaroni beach on the east coast of the island and relax with a drink as you lie in a hammock and keep your eye out for any celebrities who might be about.

If you're sailing, you need to be aware that there is no anchoring allowed off Mustique. The Mustique Company rents mooring balls at Britannia Bay, which is a beautiful anchorage. The charge was $20 U.S. for the first night, and the second and third nights were free. If you've sailed only in the B.V.I., be aware that these mooring balls are a bit different. They have no rope attached, and you must either go "stern to" to pick one up and walk it to the bow or send a crew member out in the dinghy to grab one. Better yet, especially if you're short-handed, call Mustique Moorings on VHF: 16/68 and the ranger will dinghy out to help you. We found him to be a great source of information on the island as well; he pointed out Liberace's former home, told us where we could dispose of our garbage, and directed us to the best snorkeling areas in the Bay.

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