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Different islands/Different personalities: St. Vincent

St. Vincent is by far the most populated of the country known as "St. Vincent and the Grenadines." As such, it offers a greater agenda of sightseeing opportunities than do the islands that are collectively known as "the Grenadines." Many tour agencies exist that will provide guided tours of the island's 3000-foot volcano, its numerous and beautiful waterfalls, rainforests, nature trails, and the Owia Salt Pond. One such is HazECO Tours, located in Kingstown. Its phone number is (784)-457-8632. As mentioned in the overview, for safety's sake, I recommend paying for a guide, even if you simply plan on taking a hike along one of this islands nature trails. HazECO tours also offers Flora, Fauna, and Bird Watching tours. Dive St. Vincent (Phone (784)-457-4928; e-mail; web: set up your scuba adventures for you in advance.

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