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If you have sailed only the British Virgin Islands in the past, the Grenadines are a good choice for your next destination. Do not let the fact that they are "windward islands" intimidate you. The sails between islands are relatively short--five to twelve miles, with land in sight the entire way. In easterly winds, such as we experienced, most sails are easy beam to broad reaches, and you will reach your destination in one to two hours in most cases. We never had to tack and only jibbed once. The hazards (reefs, mainly) are no more difficult to maneuver around than those you encounter in the B.V.I., and are well-marked. The anchorages are wide, and you will find yourself in 10-30 feet of water in most of them. However, you will have to anchor. Mooring balls are not as numerous as they are in the B.V.I., and on some islands are non-existent, so brush up on your anchoring techniques before you go. It will be well worth it. While we enjoyed our sails in the B.V.I., we found the islands to be rather homogeneous compared to the Grenadines, where each island has its own special personality, and there are a lot more land activities to enjoy. The snorkeling and diving here is as good, if not superior, to that found in the B.V.I. If snorkeling is your "hot spot," let me say that snorkeling in the Tobago Cays, in particular, will eclipse any experience you had on Anegada in the B.V.I., which I had considered the best snorkeling experience in all the Caribbean until our visit to the Grenadines this year.

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