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Using the 5W list

When a woman becomes a member of 5W, her name is put on a list. The list includes all members, their country, their addresses, email, and telephone numbers, as well as occupation and interests. It is interesting just to read the list, and to see where people live and what they like. Because it is an English-speaking organization, the majority of members live in the UK, Canada, Australia, and the USA, although there are also many from Japan, northern Europe, and Switzerland, and a few from most of the countries of the world. If a member would like to make a visit, she contacts the potential hostess, and they make arrangements for a convenient time. I have several epals whom I have visited, and some with whom I have corresponded but not visited. It is fun to get letters and email from all over the world, and even more fun to visit in a member's home.

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