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Relax, Walk and Look at Cows

Cliffs Photo, County Waterford, Ireland

It was hard to keep moving from Annestown.

In Ireland, the thing to do is stay in a B&B one night and move on the next morning, stopping along the way at an Irish Tourist Board office for them to make your next reservation for that evening. Or, deciding which B&B, in the direction you're going, looks the most tantalizing, from one of the B&B books you've bought.

I bought a couple books, Friendly Homes of Ireland was my favorite, and I bought a cell phone. The cell phones there are ridiculously cheap. It was, converted over, only about $50 and came with $20 of talk time, not including incoming calls as, over there, they don't charge for that.

The phone gave me the ability to just call up the B&Bs, directly getting a room. The Irish Tourist Board gets a cut if you stop and use them to make the reservation and the B&B owners hate handing over those few punts to them. As a single, this helped me to get a room instead of being shut out while the B&B owner waited for a double to come along.

Anyway, I stayed in Annestown so long, while there, I was able to read an entire book! I had to emotionally will myself to move on, keep up the trek. The cows lazily grazing on the grassy cliffs completely define the mood of the place, it is just too relaxing.

Before I left, I was told the village had put a halt to building on the beach side of the road, near the cliffs. It seems, the town appreciates those cow grazing, ocean cliff views as much as I did.

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